Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's the site that the rest of the CBC Missions Team will use to tell of their adventures in Africa: They haven't updated since last year's trip, but should begin soon. Check it out!

Our 20+ hours of travel begins as we leave Savannah at 6am Friday, so please begin to pray for our safety and security. More prayer requests will be put up soon. Thank you!

- Michael


gina said...

Happy 4th of July :) Go and teach everyone with all wisdom, so that you may present everyone perfect in Christ. Keeping you in our prayers for protection, vigor, and power.


Mom Lachowitzer said...

We are "praying without ceasing"
for your safe arrival.
May God strenghten you physically,
emotionally and spiritually.
I know your going to have a great
impact this year!
Hi Heather and Chance!!!

Nana K said...

Greetings to the entire team from Georgia: Emmanuel Baptist Church here in Blackshear is praying for your protection, safety and a fruitful harvest of saved souls. Shawn, Morgan, Hailey and Becca - delight yourselves in the Lord and enjoy every minute of the opportunity