Monday, July 7, 2008

~Team Gorodeshu~

Hello Everyone!

 This is team Gorodeshu (for the moment). Our team is Chance the faithful leader, Stephanie the crazy momma, Heather the quiet one, Jasmyn the first timer, and Stephen the drama king! :) For the next couple of days we are in the village of Giradisha. This is the village where Jasmine, Heather, and Stephanie are staying for the duration of the trip. It is really a stone’s throw away from their house! 
 Today in camp there was about 40 kids. It was way more than we all expected because yesterday when we went out to invite kids to the camp they were all at a concert in the village. So to see that many kids was AWESOME!!! 
 It was a good day at camp! Stephen did the opening ceremony and played games with the kids! He was very animated and kept the kids attention really well! Jasmyn shared her testimony, set up crafts, and handled that whole deal! She was AMAZING!!!! She was so nervous to be sharing her testimony! But she totally rocked the boat sharing her testimony and just being with the kids. Heather did all the running around and being Stephanie’s companion all day. She is going to be a great helper to the head leader one day! She does such a great job doing whatever needs to be done! Chance taught and lead our camp. He is doing really well leading the group! Stephanie did whatever Chance needed her to do and made sure that all the details of the camp were taken care of.
 Today curriculum was Gold and Black. We touched on heaven, creation, and sin. So at closing ceremonies we did a skit on The Fall of Adam. Heather was the tree. She made such a cute tree and held that branch very elegantly! Stephen was God. He did such a good job being very theatrical and captivating the kids from the very beginning! Chance was Adam. He was really funny! Jasmine was Satan. WOW!!! I never thought she could look so evil and cute at the same time! Stephanie was Eve. She made such a beautiful Eve! lol 

Prayer Requests:
The continued good health of the team
The unity of the team
More children would come to camp tomorrow
That we would continue to build relationships with the kids

 That is all for today! We are all doing well and enjoying the trip immensely! 
We decided to include personal messages from the team to our family!
 ~ Hi Momma! I love you!!! Hi Papa! I love you! -Stephanie
 ~ I’m alive Mom. -Stephen
 ~ Don’t miss me too much. -Jasmyn
 ~ We arriven. We arroven. We arraven. We got here! -Heather & Chance

We miss all of you! Thank you for all the prayers!

Team Giradisha


Mom Lachowitzer said...

Hi to Heather and Chance!
Great job, all of you! I'd love to see your drama!!
Don't forget to put on the armor
of God! Eph 6:10-20
Always praying for you.

whitewave said...

Hola to everyone, especially mi hijo :) Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart. And know that whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. (Ps. 27 & Colossians 3) We serve an awesome God and you were created through Him and for Him for such a time as this. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

hola hijo, con carino tu mama

Morgan said...

My village...I really do have a hear t for the goridesha people...they are great and very hospitable...this is also a village that will suffer some persecution because the russian orthodox priest has a lot of reign here! Be praying heavily today everyone as they will be sharing the gospel with the adults and kids!