Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey y’all! This is Michael reporting from the English camp team. Ryan, Lindsay, Taci and Katherine and I are the English team. Michelle provided invaluable assistance on the first day (she did go to college for 4 years to learn how to do this kind of stuff), but she hasn’t been able to be at the school since then, so we have really had to work to do this whole “teaching English” thing in her absence. It’s been fun though.
This is the team that will be leaving Ukraine and going to China in about a week, and we will be doing very similar things in China, so this camp has been really good for us so far. Ryan and I are both fighting off a pretty nasty cough, so teaching has been challenging at times. The girls are doing pretty well physically, with the exception of Lindsay. She had the cough that has plagued Ryan and me, and it’s just left her worn out. She spent the day today at home. Pray that all of us will begin to feel better soon. We really want to be in top form for whatever God has for us in the next few days…not to mention China just around the corner.

The English camp is divided into 3 pretty structured lesson times. We teach vocabulary, grammar, and conversation for about 45 minutes each. Today 18 kids came, in spite of the pouring rain. I think only one kid didn’t show up from yesterday, so that’s a blessing. It’s been cool spending time with the kids. There are four or five 13 and 14 year old guys who I have really been looking for an opportunity to talk to. 

It’s been cool to incorporate the Gospel into the lessons, mostly through vocab and convo. Besides the normal helpful English words, we have taught such words as “sin” “heaven” “God” and “eternal life.” The kids seem to be responding to the lessons very well. Pray that God will give them understanding, and also that He will give us the opportunity to teach the kids about nouns and verbs.

Those of you from home who know me will probably find this hilarious… 
The boy who never finished a grammar book in his whole life…who needed a Ukrainian to tell him that there are more than just three verb tenses in English…who despises the rules of the English language with a passion…
That boy is teaching grammar.

God has a sense of humor…and the joke’s on me. 


Cassandra/By His Grace, said...

Hello to All ~
Hoping whoever gets to read this from the team, you will pass on accordingly.
Gail - I am so encouraged to hear of the wonderful opportunities you have to teach and share w/the women in the Ukraine. Are you having opportunities to share w/all women or only those in the church body? I think it's wonderful and look forward to hearing direct reports from you.
To Everyone - I am so thankful for the many different reports to read and reflect upon, what an absolute blessing to be able to know how to pray specifically and in a timely manner. It seems each of you are having the opportunities to use the gifts and abilities God has blessed you with. May He be glorified and lifted up in all you do. "That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Colossians 2:2-3

jillian davies mansell said...

I am been plagued by seeing your (well..not literally YOUR) little red truck everywhere I go. At moments I forget that you are, well... OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and think, for a brief moment, "OH! It's Michael!" only to come to the disappointing conclusion that it's not. But, it has been such a blessed reminder to pray!!!
I do remember, long ago, a certain Michael Mole, reminding me in a conversation that this Michael probably has forgotten, to which He replied to my overwhelmed self "yes, but you have to remember the grace of God!"
So, I am telling you, you grammar hater, "Yes, but remember the grace of God!" :) Will be praying for you!
Lindsay- OH MY OH MY!! My dearest Lindsay is sick!!! Whenever I have heard of all the illnesses you all are going through, the verse "strength is perfected in weakness" always comes to mind. Which is then quickly followed by, "I can do all things through CHIRST who STRENGTHENS me"
I know how discouraging getting sick is (especially on a Mission's trip) But it is such a great testimony to God's greatness, either through His strength perfecting work through it or in healing it. (you know, of course Lindsay that we are praying that that He heals you! :) I hate knowing you are sick! Wish I were there to doctor you up...or attempt to as Emily shoos me away to actually do it correctly. :))
I love and miss you Linds! I know your faith, and I am sure you are holding fast, even through this. God has blessed me so much this summer through Psalms, which always makes me think of you!
Love ya!
"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know... what is the SURPASSING GREATNESS of HIS POWER toward us who BELIEVE... (and continuing verses) " Eph 1:18

Morgan said...

yes, quite a sense of humor michael! I miss you tons bro and it was great to hear from you!!!! Can't wait to see you again!

lalvarez said...

Greetings to All,
Keep pressing and and don't forget to take those moments of rest just as Jesus did. He certainly was busy, but He was never too much in a hurry for things. Keep us posted on Lindsey. Jasmyn how are you doing with your allergies? Lots want to hear an update when you come back. I keep directing them to the blog. It is great! Thanks to all of you!! Love MOM (Laurie)

Dustin said...

Michael- So good to hear from you bro! Wish I could be there serving alongside you. Sounds like things are going pretty well. Wanted to remind you that I'm praying for you though over on this side of things, and even though I wish I were on THAT side of things... It does help me feel like I'm on the team with you guys. Praying that God would grant you all spiritual wisdom and understanding as you share with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in the faith. I'm missing you michael! Know that your on my mind, and I'm constantly praying for you and the team.

Stand strong,