Monday, July 7, 2008

Borkiv Village -July 07, 2008

 Team Borkiv

 The Harvest is plentiful!

Ryan Butler sharing the Gospel with Igor, with Misha translating.


Hi, this is Lindsay!
I wanted to give y'all an update on what we've been up to since we've been in Ukraine. 
The last you may have heard, six of us girls were staying in the same house. Well... now it's seven. Alex and Irina's niece, Marta, has joined our party. And what a fun time we've had. Taci, Marta, Katherine, Jasmyn and I are in one room and Stephanie and Heather are across the hall. It's gotten a bit loud at the dinner table and when lights are supposed to be out... we've enjoyed once another's company :) Since we've gotten here, we have met as a group each night to pray and to read the whole book of James. I think we're all going to grow together spiritually as well as closer in our relationships. 

I'm really impressed by Katherine and Jasmyn, our first timers. They're willing to do anything and eat anything without making a face or acting uncomfortable. I'm so glad they came with us as both have been incredible sources of encouragement. 

 Sunday's service went rather well. I was in Litin with Mr. Vince, Stephen, Stephanie, Katherine and Ryan. Mr. Vince led the Lord's supper and preached from the book of James, Stephanie sang "How Deep the Father's Love for Us" and Katherine shared her testimony. There were some nerves but everyone did great. After church and lunch in the Litin church basement, we divided into teams to invite kids to camp in Gorodishe and Borkiv. We walked the streets and went door to door, blowing up balloon animals for the kids. We were excited to see so many kids in Borkiv respond to our invitation and expected a pretty good turnout today 

We got to the church this morning five minutes early to discuss James (yay! all seven girls woke up after 6:45 and were ready to leave for the church at 7:30). After a great discussion of the book and praying as a team, we ate breakfast in the basement and then gathered our trunks for camp. 
(The Borkiv team is Michael, Ryan, Taci, Katherine and I for reference)
We went down the long bumpy road to Borkiv and when we turned around the corner into the village, there was a group of kids waiting for us. They ran behind the van as we drove to camp and ahead of us into the school. We made more balloon animals and then most of the team went out with the kids to invite their friends to camp. Taci and I set up crafts while they were gone. When I came back outside, everyone was sitting on a parachute on the steps for lesson time. Michael taught heaven and gold and Katherine taught sin and black. We only had 20 kids but they didn't seem to listen very well. They were divided into two groups for crafts and games. I had the kids under eight first for crafts and then those who were over eight. It was difficult again to keep their attention so Michelle translated for me, taught in crafts, and led songs. I don't know what everyone else did so I hope someone will write an update about that later. Overall I think the day went well for a first day of camp. 

We're in Litin now, camp is over, and there are about four kids crowding around me to look at the computer screen. It's rather amusing. I think I need to go back to my host family's house now so I'll end for now. 
Please pray for:
The kid's attention in camp and that those who came today will bring their friends tomorrow. 
That we as a team would reflect God's love to one another and those that we encounter
That the gospel would be very clear 
That the seven of us rooming together would continue to get along 
I think our Borkiv team is good as far as health goes, so praise God for that but pray that it would continue.

It's been a good trip so far. I can tell God's going to do some really great things. Thanks for your prayers!!

Lindsay :)


Michele Norman said...

Hey Linds!
So glad to get a report. You've set many moms' minds at ease.

I was intrigued by the photo of Ryan sharing the gospel....what was the result?

I'm praying specifically that you would continue to be an encouragement to the girls-both Ukrainian and American. This is your spiritual gift, and in using it you bring great honor and glory to God.
Love, mom

Cassandra/By His Grace, said...

"Behold how good and pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!" Psalm 133:1

It certainly seems as if your teams are starting off strong in unity, as you work towards the goal of building for God's kingdom.
I pray you will continue in this same spirit as the days continue on, and especially as the challenges come. Thank you for keeping us updated so that we can know how to pray specifically. In His love and grace, Ms. Cassandra

P.S. - Lindsay could you please pass on special hug for my girl, Jasmyn and tell her it comes w/much love and encouragement.

Gena Gommer said...

Hello everyone, it's strange not seeing Dustin in these pictures.I am thankful all is well and will continue to pray for each of you.Gena Gommer

jillian davies mansell said...

I love you lindsay!!! Praying for y'all! MISS YOU!