Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ashley at the Vinnitsa Christian Orphanage with little Raya a two year old girl.


Drue said...

Hey team!!! Its me onece again! But anyways i just wanted to let you guys that it is hard every single day to wait for post and see how my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are doing! I miss you guys, the country, and the people there so much! I pray that God will use you all in mighty ways and that you are pleasing Him in EVERYTHING that you do... I know God is at work with this team and the people in this country.. I pray that you guys finish the race well, that you build one another up, be there and invest in the lives of these ukraians and most importantly each other! We can do all things through Christ and only by His blood are we saved! So I LOVE YOU guys and can't wait to here stories and report backs!!!

whitewave said...

Loving the pictures everyone looks GREAT! Press On! Be Encouraged! He who calls you is Faithful, uphold the weak and be patient with one another.

Gina Legge