Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Surfs up Dudes!

This is Jasmyn, writing to you on behalf of the Giradisha Team (Stephanie the peach head, Chance the one arm wonder, Stephen the charmer, Heather the surfer queen and myself the balloon dog killer). Greetings!

Today was the second day of camp in the village of Giradisha. We expected a lot more kids today but we ended up with about the same number as yesterday, around 45 or so. We split them up into two groups this time, older kids and younger kids; it was much easier to manage them and to get to know each of them personally.

We have about 10 Ukrainian helpers in our camp and today we put them to work! They were much more involved with the kids and the kids listened so well to them. Little Victor and Dennis, a couple of Vinnitsa helpers, were really good at taking care of the rowdy boys during lessons and doing games with all the kids. Vika took over in crafts, but I still stayed there to help out. Both groups made sheep for the craft. Stephanie enjoyed helping the older boys make them! The older kids made cross necklaces and the younger kids drew pictures of the crucifixion. Craft time was a hit today!

On a funny note...Heather, Stephanie, and I are “surfing”! I know you are probably wonder how in the world we are doing that considering we aren’t any where near an ocean but we aren’t doing that kind of surfing! We are van surfing, and not on the roof of the van! It all started when Stephanie and Heather had to stand up in the van because there weren’t enough seats and Stephanie challenged Heather to stand up without holding on! And of course, Heather rose to the occasion and accepted the challenged. It then became a game that the 3 of us enjoyed playing. On our way home yesterday we decided to “surf” because there weren’t a lot of people to knock into. Our driver, Anatoly, saw what we were doing and started swerving the car to see if we would stay upright! It was really funny and the entire van got a kick out of it!

Prayer Requests:
The attention span of the kids: The kids aren’t doing very well paying attention in lessons, crafts, opening or closing ceremonies.
Continue to pray for the team’s health: A few of us are having unexpected allergy problems and it is wearing some of us out.
Rest, rest, rest! We all need rest! Pray that God will multiply our sleep on nights where the hours are few. Mr. Vince has a rest day planned this weekend and this afternoon we have nothing planned, so we are going to nap.

So surf on!
Team Gorodische

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jillian davies mansell said...

this is all so amazing to hear! I love you Jasmyn! Praying for you!
"Bless our God, O peoples,And sound His praise abroad." Ps. 66:8