Thursday, July 24, 2008

Travel Plans...

Hi all, this is Michael from Dnipro Hotel in Kiev. We are about to leave to go into the city for a couple of hours before we head towards Moscow and ultimately on to China. Mr. Vince asked me to get on here and inform all of the parents about a change in itinerary for the team coming from Ukraine to the States.

Their flight this morning from Kiev was cancelled, so they will not be arriving Thursday night about 11:45. We will post their new complete itinerary in a couple of hours once we know all of their connections and such, but until then plan for them to arrive at some point on Friday, a day later. All looks good so far for the China team, and Michelle got off early this morning without a hitch, so everything still looks good for her.

We'll keep y'all posted. This will probably be my last post before I see you all again. I have appreciated your partnership with us in prayer, as well as your encouraging comments - the team has treasured them dearly. God bless you all, as you have blessed us. See you soon.

Until the whole world knows,

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Mom Lachowitzer said...

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the update.
Please give me as much info as possible. Heather and Chance have a hotel room for tonight and a flight home at noon on Friday. I need to know how to make better arrangements.
What airline are they using? They are using Delta from Sav. to NO.