Friday, July 11, 2008

Team Gromatska.

(The kids say hello to Dustin and Morgan) 

 Hey y'all! This is Heather reporting for Team Gromatska (previously Team Giradisha): Chance the fence bounder, Stephanie the bug, Stephen the wangsta, and Jasmyn the evangelist. This was our first day in the village of Gromatska. As soon as I got out of the van, Nadia ran up to me and hugged me. She remembered me from the past two years that I did camp in her village, and so I had a buddy for the rest of the camp time! There weren't many kids at the school when we got there, so some of us walked around the village for a while; we ended up with about 30 kids. We kept all the kids together for lesson time, then split them up for games and crafts. Chance taught the lesson and while he was trying to keep the kids' attention, he asked them some really deep theological questions that got them thinking. The kids in this village are the only Christians in the village, so it's really difficult to teach them, because their parents aren't Christians. But because of all the camps that we've done the past 6 or 7 years, the kids know all the right answers and are rather impatient during lesson time. For crafts, lead by Vika, the kids made "passports" to write Bible verses in and black paper chains symbolizing the bondage of sin. So for closing ceremony, when all the kids were back together, Jasmyn used the chains to share the gospel. She picked one of the worst boys and made him stand up in front of everyone and wear his chains. Then she explained that God had to put him in chains because he is a sinner and God is the only One who can take them off again. Then she asked him if he would accept her offer of freedom and explained that he didn’t need to do anything else…just accept her offer. The kids didn’t pay attention as well as they could have, but Jasmyn did a good job of clearly explaining the gospel to them. Pray that God will enlighten them so that they can understand what they’ve heard. 
  Also, pray that more kids will come to camp tomorrow and that they wouldn’t be as distracted as they were today. All of us on the team are feeling the time change from flying, so pray that God will multiply our sleep and give us the wisdom to know when to stop and rest. 
  ‘Til later,

We love and miss you Mom, Papa, Logan, Ty, and Katie!!!!! ~ from Heather and Chance
:P ~ from Stephanie
Thank you for all your prayers. I love you Familia! ~ from Jasmyn
Love has no bounds, time, space, or distance. Love all of you. ~ Stephen M. Legge ^_^  


Charity said...

Hey ya'll.

I wish more than anything to be with ya'll. But know that my prayers are with ya'll. Sounds like everyone is doing well and that the camps are going well also. I miss everyone! Continue to press on! and Rest in the Lord!


Mom Lachowitzer said...

We love and miss you, too Heather and Chance!
Pizza was real GOOD tonight!(:
Still praying for physical, mental, and spiritual strength and safety. How is the arm, Chance?
The cold/allergies?
You all look great and in good health. Thanks for all the pictures. Keep up the good work, God will use your great attitude.

whitewave said...

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that you should walk in them. Eph. 2:10

Hola to everyone, especially hijo. I love the photo you both look great, healthy, and content. We keep you in our prayers daily. Stephen we miss you, especially TJ, keep pressing onward towards the kingdom of God.

con carino tu papa y mama :)

Morgan said...

Hello Kids of Gromadstka! Boy do I wish I was in that village...i love those kids to death! Be aware that there is a little kid, can't remember his name at the moment but he likes to steal and be disruptive...I am sure you know who he is by now...but anyways, greet all the kids there for me please! And give them all hugs for me! :-( Anyways, praying for you always!