Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jasmyn and Katia sharing their love for Christ


The pictures below are of Jasmyn and Katherine sharing their testimonies in church today. The Lord truly blessed them, they spoke with such boldness and clarity. Their words encouraged and challenged evryone in attendance


Frances said...

What an amazing privilege God has granted you all, to carry His abundant love to the dear people of Ukraine! I know you are falling in love with the children there, and you are planting seeds that will flower for generations...
Katherine, we love and miss you. I am so glad to see you have a jacket on; I wasn't sure that you packed one! Love you so much...Mom ps the pics of you and Jasmyn sharing in church are beautiful and bring tears to my eyes!

Frances said...

ok, so I don't know how to set up my own comment account and am writing under the name "frances said." It's actually MOM and not frances tonight. she wouldn't say anything so mushy!