Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi, this is Katherine :) Sooooo... I'm supposed to be writing from a "first timers view" :P Here goes!

I'm on the Borkiv Team ( with Lindsay, Michael, Ryan, Taci)

The countryside here is beautiful. Totally gorgeous. Our host family is really nice. They feed you soooo much food! But I really like it - It's yummy! I've quickly gotten used to the quality of the houses, roads, cars, and bathrooms here. The "bus" we ride in doesn't have any seats... it's quite interesting. And fun! Today, Lindsay and I kept falling off the wheel hub. :P

My role in camp is basically just following Michael's orders. I taught yesterday and today. It went ok... I wasn't prepared the first day but I was comfortable. A lot of fun :) Then I go to games and just play with the kids. My legs ache!!! We're not allowed to sit on the ground, and (of course) we play games where you have to squat down. I'm getting a very good workout :P My jeans have very nice grass stains from sliding playing duck duck goose. It's a lot of fun just connecting with the kids even though you can't speak the language.

The camp is going pretty well overall. Ryan has been able to walk around the village and share the Gospel with adults. Today, he shared the Gospel with a man whose wife has been a believer for three years. He received Christ and then bought them ice cream! How cool is that?! :D
The kids have a really hard time paying attention. I just hope that some listen and that they learn SOMETHING. Michael carries a soccer ball and will threaten to throw it at kids who aren't paying attention. That works pretty well. I can't do it, because I'd end up missing the bad kid and knocking out someone else :P 

It's really cool to hear everyone speaking a different language and to use a translator. I thought it would be really weird, but I really love it now. I've found that I can still communicate with the kids, even without speaking. The kids are very mature for their age. It's really amazing... Especially the really little kids. It's pretty cool to watch. They all love the "Americans". Which means you're running around a lot during game time :P Maybe I'll work off all the weight I'm gaining from the wonderful food :P 

Well I better go, we're about to eat again (and get fat.)

I love you Mom, Dad, Fi, Zeke, and Preston! I'm doing great but I do miss you guys!

Thank you everyone who is praying for our trip. It's greatly appreciated!


Dawn said...

Tell Michael to bring Mrs. Mansell and me a soccer ball. Sounds like they might come in handy sometime!!
Mrs. Mole

Drue said...

hey Katie!!! LOL anyways i know what you mean... I was in that camp last year and none of the kids paid attention that well... Well here is the thing that will be a challenge is don't be frustrated with them because i know i was when i was in borkiv and it was horrible... But you know what was really encouraging... at the end of the week 6-8 kids said that they accepted Christ! So you never know until you see God at work at the end of everything!!!

Frances said...

Hey Katherine!
This is Fi, it's good to hear from ya. Sounds like you're adjusting really well :) That's good! Well... just wanted to say hi, and Mike says hello. He's been here the past two nights and is spending tonight and tomorrow night too. He says he'll stay until you come home... so we are really starting to miss you now. Lol. Love you