Friday, July 11, 2008

Gorodische gators.

(Our host family gave us gator pins)


Lindsay here! The seven girl roommates are doing rather well. As I type, we're hanging out in the big room chatting with Jasmyn who's just returned from sharing her testimony at the evening service in Litin. From what I can ascertain, she did a great job. That girl is quite a speaker even though I know she was nervous. She has an awesome testimony and does so well when she shares. Anyway, Stephanie asked me to write about how the roomies are, for those of you at home. As I said at the beginning, we're doing well. Physically, we're tired. We have quite a busy schedule here in Ukraine and have gotten up early every morning to get ready. You may or may not be wondering how the whole getting ready thing happens with so many of us and just one bathroom. For seven girls, that sounds like a nightmare, but it's actually been alright. Most of us shower at night and wash our hair in the morning. The girls who decide to shower in the morning get up at 5:30, the alarm waking the rest of us up for quiet times. We rotate in the bathroom, some of us washing hair while others brush their teeth. We've yet to have any problems and today was the first day we were remotely late for the van to pick us up (we got there as it pulled up). I believe I mentioned this last time I blogged but I wanted to share what an encouragement these girls have been to me. Last night we spent about an hour in a circle, talking about prayer requests and praying together. (Africa team and family and friends back at home... know you were prayed for!) We've spent a few of our evenings together practicing testimonies, reading through the book of James and sharing what God's doing in our camps. Throughout the day, we know how to pray for one another and I feel that we're united even though we're not all on the same team for camp. I love the looks, smiles and silly jokes with unknown origin that we talk about on the way to and from the church, the van-surfing, the moments where one girl will stop what she's doing to say something encouraging to the one who's down. I'm encouraged by them to press on my relationship with Christ. They make me laugh and they make me act crazy (especially Katherine and Jasmyn) but all of them have been so uplifting and so full of joy. I'm refreshed by the relationships we've built in the five (it seems like way more) days we've been in Ukraine. Tomorrow, the seven roommates will be down to six. Marta is leaving us and we'll be very sad to see her go. She helps us so much in communicating with our host family (she's Russian), but that's not why we'll miss her. She has such a sweet personality, truly a quiet and gentle spirit. I can see her love for the Lord in the way she interacts with all of us. She participates in even the craziest things we do, laughing at us and being laughed at with us. We tried to get her to stay at least an extra week but she's got a busy summer ahead of her yet so we'll have to say goodbye in Vinnitsa on Friday. I hope that she has been refreshed by her time with these girls as I have and will have been encouraged by them. I know she's meant so much to us in the short time she's been with us. Pray for her as she travels back to St. Petersburg, Russia early Saturday morning. Thanks all for your prayers (I know some of you expressed concern about so many of us rooming together. I hope this has confirmed that your prayers are being answered and that it will encourage you to continue praying for these relationships). You're being prayed for here too :)

love and miss you! ~linds

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jillian davies mansell said...

wow... What a blessing! Praying, loving, and missing y'all!