Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hello Everyone!,

This is Jasmyn reporting for Team Uladifka! Sadly, today was our last day of camp in the village of Uladifka. We walked away with reminder of God's loving-kindess towards us and an urgency to share His gift with the world. Before starting we prayed as we usually do but Chance also shared with us his revived passion for our day with the kids.We all were challenged to take advantage of the time that we were alloted with the children and to especially love on them unconditionally. We knew that we needed God's power to truly be a light to the kids. God is amazing! Through every detail at camp I am positive that God was there, not that he hadn't been any other day, but that my eyes were finally open to His glory Through out our day God used small moments to bless us as well as the children. On the way back I remember hearing Chance talking about how a little boy was admiring his cross necklace, and asked for one. He told us with a big grin on is face that he shared with the little boy the gospel story and how the little boy listened with patience, and was excited to receive the necklace. We could tell that through that ittle boy there was a hint of God's heart that touched Chance's. We sometimes expect God to reveal himself in a big way but those may be the moments when we hear Himi a whisper. Today Heather and I were able to spend time with the teen-aged girls as we were able to get to know them better and share with them the gospel. Despite their shyness I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was working in their hearts. One girl in particular had many questions as we explained the gospel and shared  our personal testimonies. God only knows the hearts' of men but I believe that we may have another Ukranian sister in Christ. Please continue to pray for these girls as they truly need their Heavenly Father! I believe that our team felt like this was one of the greatest days in camp. Although there are times when we are just placed at a point to plant a seed, God knows,then it will be watered and harvested. Thank you for all your prayers for our team! They were truly felt today!Please pray for the village of Uladifka and our brothers and sisters around the world. We miss you all! In His Love, Jasmyn P.S. This is Stephanie or as I am so commonly referred to as "momma". I thought I would tell you about the joke that our driver, Anatoly, played on us. Yesterday we wanted to stop at the sign of the village to take team pictures. We got to the sign and I could clearly tell that it did not say Uladifka. Anatoly told me that they had recently changed the name of the village back to it's original name, Ivanople. Well we all bought it and told the entireAmerican team and all of you that same thing. When we stopped to really take pictures today it was the sign for Uladifka. Mysteriously Anatoly, who's speaks great English, didn't understand me when I told him he played a joke on us yesterday. So to say the least all of the Americans and a few Ukrainians were had! lol Just thought I would share that with you all.

Love and miss you!

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jillian davies mansell said...

WOW!!! Really sounds like God was really guiding and surrounding you today. I am amazed by what God will do when His people are open to being used fully. Thank you guys for eagerly fulfilling His word-I know He did great things through y'all.
Jasmyn- I am so encouraged to see you boast, brag, and take pleasure in our awesome God! Hearing your and the team's testimony is truly heartening. I love reading your posts, because I can imagine you saying every word and the glow your face would have. You truly truly are a moon that radiantly reflects His glory. I love you!